Who We Are ?

We are a group of professionals enjoying a long diversified experience coming from different industries. We experienced the frustration of rejected job seekers to find a job related to their educational background. Well, the truth is that organizations are looking for people who fit their environment, culture, and enjoying high job fitness at the same time.

We are ready to provide you with the advice and the tools to overcome such issues.

Remember, a certificate might get you a job, but personality will ensure you land  the right career and enjoy the success and progression you are aiming toward.

Academic Major Fitness

Less than 30% of the graduated workforce works in a job related to their major. Shocking fact, isn’t it? So, how about you? Were you able to choose an academic major that fits your personality? Our state-of-the-art, valid and reliable, assessment tools with zero time-around, will guide you to make the right decision when it comes to academic-major selection.


The latest researches found that employers want to know that you FIT into the career; able to learn quickly, and be responsive to the task at hand. We are ready to assist corporates from recruitment to succession management phases in tackling all their people-related needs, utilizing modern tools from well-known global companies.


We have long experience developing Policy and Procedures, HR Business Partner role, Talent Management framework, competency dictionary as well as Employee Performance Management System to name a few. Nevertheless, should you need an HR Management Information System to manage payroll and related topics, you have arrived at the right place.

We Bring Values

Make Your Choice

Solving the problem that most parents and students are facing is choosing the right academic major then working in related promising career.

Build Your Self

Provide self-awareness to highlight strength areas to build on and identify development needs where coaching can take place

Find Your Self

For those who decided already on their field, we can still ask them to do the assessment to confirm their major selection.

Branding Materials

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Video Tutorials

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Live Support

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Find your way & your future.

Inspire together

Our Vision

We committed to be forward thinkers and apply proven HR methods, yet, bring all needed services under one-stop-shop; The HR Megastore.

We will strive to be known as The HR agility

Our Mission

We will pursue our utmost efforts to
1.Transfer knowledge and experience that empowers clients to serve their purpose.

2.Provide HR solutions through an experienced team in a one-stop-shop.

3.Perform Human Resources in an agile fashion to grow and maintain sustainability.


Happy To Serve You All

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